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Trophy by Steffen Jacobsen - Review.

Trophy - Steffen Jacobsen, Charlotte Barslund, Andrew Wincott

Publication Date: Available now from Quercus.


Source: Publisher review copy (paperback version sorry didnt have time to add another edition!)


Security consultant and private investigator Michael Sander is tasked with the investigation of a video that seems to show two people being hunted to their deaths. His job is to find out who they are, and why they were murdered. But this isn’t just another case, and these deaths are only one piece of the puzzle.
This time Michael is investigating the darkest reaches of humanity, uncovering crimes that reach further than he ever imagined.


This was a corker of a thriller, with a character (Michael) I immediately fell in love with, an extremely intriguing and horrific premise turning into a wonderfully twisty turny tale to boot.


The opening packs a heck of a punch and throws you straight into proceedings with barely time to draw breath. Enter Michael Sanders, hired by a rich and influential woman to investigate a mysterious video and from there things only get more and more exciting. As he teems up with Superintendant  Lene Jensen to track down some truly evil bad guys, the whole thing is utterly addictive, brilliantly written and just a little bit insane. Fantastic.


Michael and Lene are both extremely intriguing characters who I feel we  have only scratched the surface of here. They, ( and their completely platonic relationship which makes a change ) are very compelling and the situation they find themselves in is both unreal and terribly dangerous. Thrown together by circumstance, despite the thriller aspect of the story, they ground it and make it all so much more engaging overall. A character driven spine chiller of the highest order.


The story flows along at a hectic pace, keeping you turning those pages, a range of eclectic supporting characters are thrown into the mix and the whole thing has an almost guilty pleasure feel to it – Steffen Jacobsen paints a picture of villainy with a deft hand and whilst it is utterly horrifying you still cannot look away.


Overall a most terrific read – can we hope that this is the start of a series? I would very much hope so…




Happy Reading Folks!