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The End of Everything by Megan Abbott - Review.

The End of Everything - Megan Abbott

Publication Date: Available now from Picador


Source: Purchased Copy.


A close-knit street, the clink of glass on glass, summer heat. Two girls on the brink of adolescence, throwing cartwheels on the grass. Two girls who tell each other everything. Until one shimmering afternoon, one of them disappears. Lizzie is left with her dread and her loss, and with a fear that won’t let her be. Had Evie tried to give her a hint of what was coming, a clue that she failed to follow?


My second book from Megan Abbott (after the amazing "Dare Me") and this one captured me from page one and would not let me go until I was done.

Lizzie and Evie are inseparable - typical young girls starting to come of age and they know each other inside out. But when Evie disappears, Lizzie is forced to grow up way too fast as she deals with very adult issues.


Some intense and very evocative writing puts you right into Lizzie's world, trying to understand adult motivations, realising that Evie kept secrets from her and desperately trying to find a way to help bring her home. She really is an amazingly drawn character and Megan Abbott has captured the confusion and emotional resonance of that age perfectly. As an adult reading this novel I myself put very different interpretations on what Lizzie was seeing and hearing, this only added to my complete fascination with this story - I could barely put it down.


The tight knit community within which the girls reside is also intelligently written to give the reader a real sense of the people surrounding them, influencing them - this is a memorable tale of that which simmers just below the surface of a seemingly normal and safe environment. A multi layered and extremely addictive story exploring some very haunting themes, it is absolutely riveting from start to finish.


Highly Recommended. I am now a Megan Abbott superfan.


Happy Reading Folks!