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The Mysteries by Lisa Tuttle - Review.

The Mysteries - Lisa Tuttle

Publication Date: Available Now from Jo Fletcher Books.


Source: Publisher Review Copy


Laura Lensky’s daughter, Peri, has been missing for two years. For the police it’s a closed case – she wanted to run away – but for her mother and
boyfriend, it’s a different story. When Laura hires private investigator Ian Kennedy, it is a last-ditch attempt to find her daughter before she leaves for America. Drawn in by strange parallels to an obscure Celtic myth and his first, almost unexplainable case, Ian takes the job. But his beliefs are about to be stretched to their limit – there are darker and more devious forces at work here than any of them imagined.


A strange yet wonderfully readable hybrid of detective story and fairytale, Lisa Tuttle's "The Mysteries" takes you on a fantastical journey through our very mundane world.

When Ian takes on the case of missing Peri, he is haunted by similarities to his first case - a case that set him determinedly on the path of reuniting missing people with their loved ones. But Peri's case will challenge him in unexpected ways.


There is a great elegance to the prose here which definitely drew me in immediately - yet it flowed along at a fairly gentle pace, no rush to judgement, using past and present to paint a magical picture that is also strangely grounded in reality.


I particularly enjoyed the "break" chapters where various fairy stories and legends were told, all of which added to the story set in modern times and kept a lovely continuity to proceedings. It is often haunting and odd, with various threads all woven together into a clever tale which definitely captured my imagination.


Overall a terrific little read  -  my one bugbear is that I didnt like the ending, but that is purely subjective, it certainly fit in perfectly with the rest. Most definitely recommended for fans of fantasy steeped in reality.


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