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Hide and Seek Review.

Hide and Seek - Amy Bird

Publication Date: Available Now from Carina UK


Source: Netgalley


Nobody’s life is ever perfect. Families tell lies. People keep secrets. But the life which Will and Ellie Spears have built together is as perfect as it’s possible to be.
Until one day something is let slip. A discovery is made. And all of a sudden Ellie and Will’s life falls down, as acceptance gives way to an obsessive search for answers. Families tell lies. People keep secrets. But sometimes the truth is much more dangerous.


So my second novel from Amy Bird then, having read the highly addictive “Three Steps Behind You” a while back and once again we have here a brilliantly flowing, psychological thriller come mystery come character piece which will keep you turning the pages until you are done.


Will and Ellie are happily married and expecting a baby – Ellie feels stifled by her mother in law, as an orphan herself she finds the attention from Will’s parents rather unwanted – but still she tries her best to be nice. When she discovers that all is perhaps not what it appears in that family, she puts both herself and Will on a self destructive journey where secrets will be revealed and reactions intense…


Ok so I’ll be honest. I really didnt like either Will OR Ellie. But in that kind of a “Gone Girl” way where not liking them is actually key to being desperate to know what is going on, I could hardly bear to put this down. Hidden layer after hidden layer is revealed, a wall of domino’s tumbling down which will change their lives forever – and this definitely leaves you with the feeling that sometimes it is better to be oblivious…


I found Will to be rather smug, then rather whiny then intensely annoying and obsessive about the whole thing. It made him EXTREMELY fascinating as a character, and as you learn more about his mother, you can hardly blame him for his faults. Then we have Ellie, who talks herself into believing she is doing the right things – she frets over how manipulative Will’s mum is but frankly, there is no-one in this tale more manipulative than Ellie herself..VERY clever, done with a stark realism and examining some emotive subjects which I won’t go into so as not to spoil things, this is a character driven tale with some terrific twists and turns that will keep you on your toes.


Told mostly from the point of view of either Ellie or Will, the story ebbs and flows, different people having different pieces of the jigsaw but nobody putting it together correctly until BAM – it is way too late to stop the freight train and things take a very sinister turn.


Overall an extremely readable, intriguing and beautifully constructed novel, with some subjects worth contemplating, some characters you will love to hate to love. Frankly I’d run and hide from the lot of them, but they will certainly stay with me.


Highly Recommended for fans of psychological thrillers, family drama and mystery.


Happy Reading Folks!